Roles of different Stakeholders in Students’ Life – Why dividing the burden helps?

As a human being, most of us try our best to play the different roles in others’ lives. Many of us thrive to help others with our best ways possible. Although we try our best, we still sometimes lack somewhere, but here we need to understand that it is perfectly alright if we are being able to play different roles at the same time. It is alright if we need to put our health first before looking after rothers’. 

If we think of a student’s life, we can see many parents who try their best to play the different roles in their child’s life, and sometimes find it extremely difficult to manage the same. As a therapist, I have heard it from many of the parents complaining or feeling extremely sad seeing their children getting close to other people, especially their peers. And for the fact it is quite natural for the peers to get more attached to their peers post they reach a certain age. 

In a student’s life there are many major stakeholders that play a major role, and these stakeholders help divide the burden and does not put any one person handle or manage all the roles. 

1.Immediate family members (parents + siblings) 

The major member involved in this domain are the mother and the father. In addition to this the close relatives include grand parents in case of joint family. These senior members of the family share a good bond with children and can share the burden in effective way. If the senior members are retired, they can positively accompany the children to follow school and other learning as well as extracurricular activity schedule. As they can spare their valuable time for children, they can closely observe the children for behavioral changes if any. However there needs to be strong positive understanding between parents and other senior members regarding the upbringing style for children. The sharing of responsibilities in this way offers emotional support to the children which is very positive for maintaining their mental health.

Siblings also play a significant role to share the burden. Direct and indirect learning about values in life can be achieved by observing and sharing the time and resources with the siblings. Elder sister or brother can act as role model and can influence a child easily. They can be of great help in academics and other activities. Children can be at ease to share and discuss their emotional stress and other problems, as this this relationship makes them comfortable. It has been observed that at certain times, cousins can also develop a bond and play important role. 

If the senior family members or siblings are not there and the family develops a healthy, positive relationship with neighbors, then they can also support the young children in case of difficulty when immediate support is needed during working hours of parents.

There are examples where even In Charge of day care center plan the nutritious meals, introduce innovative games for child development and offer a strong support especially for younger children. The child learns to share the food, can make friends in positive environment at such centers, thus resulting in sharing of burden in case of working parents.  


2. School teachers –

Apart from the home, student spend a good amount of their time at school. A significant amount of learning takes place in the educational system the student is part of. In the which many significant stakeholders influence students’ lives. That is, teachers, principal or the school etc. This domain focuses on 

3. The school counselors + psychologists –

The school counselors and psychologist play a major role. Many students go through different situations that cause them a lot of distress.  

4. Peers / friends –

During adolescent most children are close to their friends, and it is very natural for them to feel and think that their friends can understand them in a better way.  Children follow TPS- Think, Pair and Share approach with friends. Learning becomes an enjoyable experience for a child when there is a close friend who can connect emotionally.

We human being try our best to play different roles for others and try the different possible ways to help the people, we need to understand that one cannot pour from an empty vase, hence to be able to help others we first need to support our own self.  In the students’ life, above mentioned stakeholders play a significant role to help them develop holistically!  Dividing the burden always helps, to others and to our own self!

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