Role of School Counsellor

My Role as a School Counsellor

By Sanchali Ghosh Dastidar, Psychologist

School counsellors work every day to make  small changes in a child’s life. My role as a school counsellor  involves conducting regular guidance classes for the primary section. I have conducted  sessions on topics such as bullying, communication, feelings and self awareness.  

Every week I feel  gratitude towards the excited faces of young children who rush to greet me as I enter their class. I feel delighted that I have been able to spread awareness on such important aspects to a very young population. The guidance classes have not only helped me build a strong rapport with the students but also with their teachers. 

Regular conduction of these classes has enabled students to share their problems with me. 

Every year in the beginning of the academic year, I conduct sessions on the role of school counsellor with all sections of the school. With respect to those sessions two girls from grade 10 approached me to help them solve personal conflicts between them. They were very comfortable to approach me . I used strategic therapy to solve their conflicts. Strategic therapy is used during relationship counselling. It is used to solve problems among two people. It works by letting the clients express their feelings openly in front of the counsellor and to look for  positivity in a relationship. Few sessions were taken to help them understand the root cause of the problems. There were times when they were not comfortable expressing their feelings verbally so I asked them to write letters to each other , with the help of those letters I motivated them to express their emotions openly in front of me. After a few sessions they were back to being best of friends and expressed their gratitude to me . They even passed their exams with flying colours and are in touch with me.

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The author, Sanchali, likes to have open ended discussions about social issues and mental health. She loves to encourage and help parents to have a positive attitude and communication with their children. At the time of writing this story, Sanchali was Cluster Coordinator at Drishti.

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