Positive Self Belief

“Look! That’s My School Counsellor.”

By Khushboo Shah, Psychologist & School Counsellor

As a mental health professional, I have always always believed in focusing on the positive and equipping oneself enough to deal with the negative. I have made sure that the same belief is ingrained in my students.

Because of this belief,  my student who could not sit still and focus even for 10 mins straight made me a pen stand and told me “You are the best teacher.” Another student who hates to write has written an exercise in his best handwriting. Yet another one who used to spend most of her time in my counselling room because of school fear hasn’t come to the room in ages and is happily attending the class!

Lastly, my student who had learning disability scored an 87% in his grade 10 board exams! What else do I need?!

These are the most valuable rewards I have received. However my personal favourite  is during the Open House Days when I see students excitedly whispering to their parents that Look! She’s the counsellor, that’s when I know that my work is done! 🙂

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The author, Khushboo,  is an avid reader and a nature lover. She truly believes that each person has the ability to achieve their best selves. She is also of the opinion that kindness can make the world a much much better place. At time of writing this story Khushboo was Cluster Coordinator, Drishti

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